Pom Pom Lamp Shade

We had another DIY weekend at the Rehkopf house this weekend. While Brooks worked on his garage remodel, I whipped up this :
I am so excited with how it turned out!!!
I found this super cute lamp at Pottery Barn Kids but there were a couple of promlems with it: (1) The color was not right and (2) $160 bucks for a lamp base and shade? SERIOIUSLY? Not gonna happen…
One of my fave blogs, Little Miss Momma recently had a FAB tutorial on a SUPER CUTE Anthropologie inspired necklace. I made one and totally loved it.
{I had to crop my beautiful sisters out of this photo because they were both making hysterical faces. They would have killed me}
Super cute right? Well, I have also use those same pom poms for head bands for my girls and they also look fab. So I figured, why not use these adorable little pom poms for my lamp shade? That way I could make my lamp to MY specs and for a fraction of the $160 price tag.
So here is what I used:
lamp base
lamp shade
hot glue
1-1.5 yards of your fav color stretch cotton
Follow Ashley’s tutorial on how to make a fabric Pom Pom. Make as many as you think you will need depending on the size of your lamp shade. I made mine about 2 inches in diameter (I traced a Keurig K-cup for my circle). I didn’t make really full pom poms and it worked great because with all the pom poms all over the shade it really doesn’t make a difference! I used about 5 circles on each pom pom.

I used this hideous green lamp that I have had in Emme’s closet since she was born. I spray painted it white to match her sweet room.

I purchased a lamp shade for $6.99 from Target to fit my lamp base.

Then I used hot glue to glue all the pom poms to my shade until it was completely covered. You really cant mess this up because its so easy.

I really liked the color I used. The pom poms worked perfectly!!

I absolutely LOVE the finished product and cant wait to use it in Emme’s room!!

Total Cost for this beauty:
Base- $0 (Re-purposed)
Shade- $6.99
Fabric- $4
Total: $11

So while this project did take me 2 nights to complete, it was SUPER easy and saved me a solid $149. TOTALLY worth it!!!