Cheap wall art with paint chips


Hi all,

This next project was very very cheap because half the materials were free. That’s right free! Go to any hardware store and you can pick up paint chip samples in every color for FREE. Its the best thing ever. It feels like stealing but don’t worry it’s not. I don’t think…either way they have literally the entire color spectrum. I had done something like this years ago with buttons and it also worked pretty well.

The project is cheap however, its pretty tedious having to trace and cut 100+ circles from these paint chips but I think it was worth it. All you do is get canvas (I bought the board canvas from Michael’s in a 5 pack for less than $10)


Painted them all black and then went to work on the paint chips. I traced and cut out 5 different sizes circles from every color I wanted.


From there you decide how you want your design to look and start laying out the circles on the canvas. I used mog podge to glue them onto the canvas. After you’re satisfied with your design you can paint on a coat of mog podge to secure them if you like.

Interested in using paint chips to make your own art? check out this link with lots of other ideas.


-Joshua Parr