Our Story

If you’re anything like us, you’ve seen crafts that others’ have made and dream about the day you have the time and ability to make that craft. This, my friends, was exactly our problem! It all started when we began looking through craft websites and blogs and finding so many adorable things we wanted to create. We’d bookmark these websites only to find ourselves with a list of amazing craft ideas and no time to make them.

Crafting is something we all crave, but is also something we sometimes let slip away from us as life gets busier. After talking to so many other women, we found that we weren’t the only individuals who felt this way. We want to share the convenience of creativity with all women everywhere, because nobody should lose their desire for creativity. So check back to the blog to see the inspiration that we gather so you can always feel inspired!

Our Craftistas


We always want to hear from you, and we love meeting new people! But more importantly, we believe in building relationships. If you’d like to be featured for an interview on our blog, please email us at info@craftistaskits.com. We look forward to hearing from you!