Friday 5: A few of our favorite Anthropologie-Inspired DIYs

This week we’re sharing a few of our favorite Anthropologie-inspired DIYs. We love Anthro, but sometimes it’s just more fun {and cheaper!} to make your own.

Have you ever DIYed something you saw at Anthro? Tell us about it on our Facebook page!


1. DIY Anthropologie-inspired necklace from our Instagram friend, @chelseahours. Chelsea had some of the beads at home, and got the rest from Michael’s. {The one on the left is Anthro, the one on the right is hers!}

Anthro necklace hack

2.  DIY Anthro-inspired atom art bowls, from Not only are these bowls adorable, but there is a coupon in this blog post! {expires 10/31/13}


3. DIY Anthro-inspired ring dish, from Doe a Deery. I don’t know about you, but I feel the need to get some of these animals and get crafting!


4. DIY Anthro-inspired pom bouquet, from Radical Possibility. These are so cute, and so versatile!

pom bouquet

5. DIY Anthro-inspired bookshelf, from Wholly Kao. The Anthro version of this bookshelf was $1400!! Hop on over to the hardware store and pick up the materials to DIY one this weekend!



That’s all for now! Keep it crafty!