DIY Clay Imprint Bowl

Clay is a classic crafting medium, and has been around for as long as I can remember. The best thing about it? Versatility! One of my favorite clay crafts (as of lately) is DIY imprint bowls. These are great to hold accessories, trinkets, or just for decor.


2oz Sculpey clay

Sculpey Starter Took Kit

Sculpey Flexible Texture Sheets* (or anything you can imprint – a leaf, lace, etc)

Glass jar or rolling pin

Oven-safe glass bowl

Optional: Paint and paintbrush

(*Thanks to Sculpey for providing us with some texture sheets to try out! We loved using them!)


1. Roll clay into a ball.


2. Use a glass jar or rolling pin to flatten the clay.


We made ours about 1/4″ thick.


3. Lay an oven-safe bowl over the clay, upside-down.

64. Use the knife from the Sculpey Took Kit to trim away the excess clay around the bowl.


85. Use the Scupley Texture Sheet (or lace or a leaf or something else with a texture) to imprint the clay. You can either push the texture into the clay, or use your jar or rolling pin to transfer the imprint.

96. Place the clay in the bowl and mold the edges to the lip of the bowl. (Some prefer to put the clay all the way into the bowl, but we’ve found it easier to get out this way.)

107. Follow the directions on the package of clay for baking (15 minutes at 275 (F) for every 1/4″ thickness). We baked our bowl for 15 minutes.

118. Remove from oven, let the clay cool for a few minutes before removing it from the glass bowl.

129. Once the bowl cooled, we removed it from the glass and painted the edge. There are so many ways to embellish your clay creations!

Like what you see? Make your own clay trinket bowl by purchasing the materials! Free Shipping until 8/31/2013!