Black & Gold Clay Necklace

We’ve been getting crafty with clay around our office lately, and we have several DIYs to share with you this week. Today’s is definitely one of my favorites: a DIY geometric necklace!


Sculpey Clay

Scupley Starter Tool Kit

Black and Gold paint

Cord or chain

11. Roll several pieces of clay into balls. These will become your geometric beads.

22. Use the knife from the tool set and start trimming the round edges off of each bead.

3We didn’t follow any specific pattern, we just cut away!

4If you accidentally cut off too much, just gather your clay back into a ball and start again. (Clay is a very forgiving craft!)

53. Remove the lid from the needle-like took, and poke a hole through each bead. We wiggled the tool around a little to make the hole a bit bigger.

64. Bake the beads at 275 (F) for 15 minutes for every 1/4″ thickness. We baked our beads for 30 minutes.

75. Once beads cool, start painting! We just painted the bottom halves of our beads.

86. Add your beads to a piece of cord or chain, and you are good to go! Check out the pictures below to see the finished product!

Ready to make your own geometric clay necklace? You can buy the materials from our online shop! Just click the button below to get started. Shipping is free until 8/31/2013!


ash necklaceash necklace 2