Weekend DIY Crafting Roundup

Emily, from Arkansas, sent us a before and after picture of her dresser. She said, “I got the inspiration for this from a friend…I was getting tired of my plain white dresser I have had since I was a child. I went to Red Hill, a store in Fayetteville, to buy the provence blue chalk paint and some wax. After it dried I sanded it to give it a distressed look, and then put a wax coating on it.”

Emily ReDone Furniture with text


Camille and I had a great opportunity to meet with some business mentors this past week, so we made a little gift for each of them. We made the magnets, and we bought some adorable postcards from Natalie. We added a few business cards, sealed the stamped envelope with washi tape, and we were good to go!

IMG_20130807_160529 with text


IMG_20130808_100411 with text

We had the pleasure of preparing all of the decorations for a dinner party that was held this past Saturday. The theme was Asian Infusion. The decor consisted of paper flowers in painted jars, small glass bowls with candles, and paper cranes for the name cards. We’ll be posting more pictures soon, but here is a quick picture of one of the tables:

IMG_20130810_185729_903 with text




Keep it crafty!