Weekend DIY Crafting Roundup

Good morning, craftistas! 

We are excited to show off an incredible home decor piece that you can easily make in an afternoon.

Amber, from Arkansas, saw a painting on Pinterest for $100 and knew that she could re-create the same project. And she did, for only $20!

DIY Canvas by Amber


16 x 20 blank canvas
Acrylic paint – I chose 6 colors
Cream colored acrylic paint (spray paint would work too – acrylic paint was cheaper and on sale!)
Brown acrylic paint pen
Assorted package of round sponge brushes


I started by using a tiny paint roller from Lowe’s (I already owned this from previous crafts) and rolled the cream colored acrylic paint in an even coat over the entire canvas. After it dried, I used the brown acrylic paint pen to draw on some branches.

The next step is tedious and if I did it again, I would buy a couple packages of the round sponge brushes instead if just one package – I squirted a little bit of all six of my acrylic paint colors on a paper plate and randomly, yet somewhat evenly, started making my “flowers.” This step was so tedious because I had to wash each size of round sponge every time I wanted to switch colors (and I switched colors often so it had a nice POP to it and didn’t look too uniform).

As I added color to the painting, I felt the need to add a few more branches and just painted them in with the paint pen as I went.  The “flower” painting process took some time, but the effort ended up being well worth it!

This beauty is now hanging in our living room and really helps pull the room/colors together!