July Unwrapped: Wooden Whimsy Part 2

Simple wooden shapes can easily become your next fashion statement with this whimsical DIY!

{PS: Don’t forget to check out the DIY wooden bead necklace here.}


8 jump rings (4 large, 4 small)

4 earring clasps

4 wooden shapes (with small hole drilled in it)


Diamond Glaze (or Inkssentials Glossy Accents)


1. Paint wooden shapes with desired color.18

2. Using the Diamond Glaze, fully cover the top of the earring and allow it to dry for about an hour.19

3. Use a paperclip to keep the hole clear of Diamond Glaze.20

4. Coat the top and bottom of each shape.21

5. Once dry, position the earrings and jump rings as shown.22

6. Open the jump ring as pictured and assemble.23

7. There you have it! And the best part is you can add fun designs using a Sharpie, or vibrant paint colors. Regardless, these are so easy to make your own!25