Weekend DIY Crafting Roundup

Hey there, craftistas!

Today we are featuring one craftista and her weekend DIY project. Introducing: Rachel Cimek! Rachel told us about this frame she was making for her classroom, and we are so excited we get to feature it on our blog today. Thanks for sharing your craftiness with us, Rachel!

Rachel Cimek

In looking for a functional, crafty piece for my classroom, I found a similar frame with wire backing in a boutique for $65. The ‘thriftiness’ in me found a beautiful frame for $6 and the ideas were endless.

Step 1: Gather materials. You’ll need: Frame, sandpaper, primer, paint, paint brush, gel stain, staple gun, staples, hardware cloth, wire cutters.

Step 2: Sand your frame.

Step 1-2

Step 3: Prime your frame.

Step 3-4

Step 4: Paint your frame!

Step 5-6

Step 5: Use the gel stain to “antique” your frame.

Step 6: Measure the hardware cloth to fit your frame, cut it, and attach it to the back of your frame with a staple gun.

Step 7-8

Final product: Doesn’t it look great?!


How many boutique-inspired crafts have you done? We’d love to hear about it!