Friday Five: A few of our favorite people

Happy Friday, everyone! 

For today’s Friday Five, we decided to highlight 5 of our favorite people on instagram. Instagram is one of our favorite ways to discover blogs, DIY projects, and cool people.

Friday 5 July 5

1. @nataliecreates

We actually got to meet Natalie last week – she is awesome!! As we were leaving our coffee date, she told us that she was going home to have fun with about $50 worth of spray paint and some furniture. Check out her instagram to see what she made. And check out her blog!

2. @perrodinsupply

We also had the joy of meeting Amber, who started Perrodin Supply Co with her husband, Jonathan. We <3 following them on instagram because they show a behind-the-scenes look at their workshop, giving followers an inside look at how canvases, linoleum blocks, and other materials are made. {Psst, they also run @thelittlecraftshow…check that out, too!}

3. @thejennimarie

This American-photographer-living-in-Canada gives a witty perspective of Canadian life.  Her instagram feed is full of beautiful brides, incredible adventures {she travels…a lot…}, and the little nuances of everyday life.  {She is going to FRANCE soon, so you should probably start following her ASAP.}

4. @bettybelts

If you love the ocean, you will l-o-v-e following Betty Belts! The pictures of their unique sea glass jewelry will make you crave a visit to the beach {seriously!}. Not only do they show off their beautiful finished pieces, but they give a sneak peek at the process of making sea glass jewelry. Who’s ready for an afternoon of sun, surf, and sand?! *raises hand*

5. @thepapermama

Her instagram feed shows off her chickens, inventive DIY projects, and her perspective of life in Portland. And she blogs over here. If you look hard enough you’ll find some free printables and even some free fonts! Score!

Have a great weekend! Follow us on instagram {@craftistas} so we can follow you back!