Weekend DIY Crafting Roundup

We noticed a lot of great crafty DIY projects in our newsfeed this weekend, so we asked YOU to submit your crafts. Here are a few of the awesome projects we received:

LAURA, from Arkansas, shared this contemporary geometric canvas.

Laura said: I was inspired mostly by Pinterest, but also I find a lot of joy and success in doing things like this. Also, painting is a great way to fill my time and my walls!

Fantastic DIY Mod Canvas


ABIGAIL, from Michigan, shared two awesome crafts with us.

The first is a bit of kitchen decor. Abby’s E-A-T was made with cardboard paper mache letters, copper paint, and pennies.

Fantastic DIY EAT home decor

Fantastic DIY EAT home decor 2

The second is a wonderful DIY camera strap, which is perfect for this up-and-coming photographer. Abby made her camera strap from an old scarf and leather scraps from the craft store.

Fantastic DIY Camera Strap

Fantastic DIY Camera Strap 2


REAGAN, from Oklahoma, shared her super-duper-simple Father’s Day card idea. Even though this card was for Father’s Day, this is a great idea for Dad’s birthday, Grandpa’s birthday, or any other event related to the men in your life.

Fantastic DIY Tie Cards

Instructions: Fold a rectangular piece of paper in half. Cut on either side at the top of the paper, in towards the center. Fold those flaps towards the center and slightly down. Glue on buttons or a tie cut out of paper. Done!


A huge THANK YOU to all of the Craftistas who submitted their crafts. If you took some time to get crafty this past weekend (or any day of the week, actually), we’d love to see what you made! Hop over to our Facebook page and share it with us there.