February Unwrapped: Yarn Wrapped Mini Wreath

For the month of February, Craftistas put together a mini wreath kit that can be used from now until, well, whenever! It’s perfect for Valentine decor, or for just a little addition to the house. And who doesn’t love burlap?! Here’s our tutorial for making this month’s craft: yarn wrapped mini wreath.

1. Begin by tying the yarn to the base of the wreath and start to wrap the yarn around the wreath until it is completely covered.



2. Tie a knot to secure the yarn once the entire wreath base is covered.


3. Cut 4 squares of burlap, each bigger than the last. A good measure to go by is 2 x 2, 3 x 3, 4 x 4, 5 x 5.


4. Cut a heart from each square. Each heart will be a different size so that they can be layered.


5. Layer and glue the hearts together.


6. Select your message using the scrabble stickers (any stickers will do, or you can leave this part off!)


7. Place the stickers on to small wooden squares. You can find these at your local craft store, and cut them down to size.


8. Glue your message to the burlap heart. Using a 6″ piece of ribbon, make a small bow to add to the top and glue.



8. Take a strip of burlap, about 1.5 x 8, and fold in half so that the frayed end is facing down. Then twist the burlap to make the center of the flower.


9. Continue to twist the burlap AWAY from the flower. It is important to not that at this point, the burlap does not need to stay folded in half.


10. As you get to the end, secure with glue.


11.Turn the flower over and trip of any excess burlap strands.


12. Continue to make as many, or as little, burlap flowers as desired. We made a couple smaller flowers and a couple larger flowers to add extra umph!


13. Glue the flowers and heart on to the wreath in your desired layout. Add a ribbon at the top to hang, and enjoy your beautiful, handmade yarn-wrapped wreath!