‘Tis the Season for Gift Wrap

Well, Christmas is officially less than 50 days away…EEK! I’m sure you’re beginning to feel the pressure of finding/making the perfect gift for your loved ones (we sure are)!

In the November Craftistas kit, we included 1 yard of cotton lace. The lace can be used for anything, but with Christmas around the corner, we teamed up with professional gift wrapper Carol Masiclat so she could give us some tips on how to use DIY ombre lace on this year’s gifts.

Before we dive in to Carol’s tips, we’d like to introduce you to the Prezzie Queen herself!

Meet Carol. This woman is the creative brain behind Jolie Colis, a small business dedicated to custom gift wrap. Carol is no newbie to gift wrap either. In fact Carol used to work for the marketing team at Kate’s Paperie in New York City, where she taught gift wrapping, scrapbooking, and other paper crafts. She’s appeared on the Martha Stewart Living program, on Fine Living, and has appeared in Redbook and Hallmark magazines. Most recently, she has been selected to compete in the Scotch Brand Most Gifted Wrapper Contest on November 30 in New York City. GO CAROL!

Jolie Colis is French for “pretty parcel,” and after viewing just one of her custom wrapped gifts, you’ll agree that the name fits perfectly. On her website, Carol writes that she created Jolis Colis for three reasons:

  1. She loves crafting, design, and celebrating. Gift wrapping involves all three.
  2. There’s nothing like giving or receiving best dressed gift in the room.
  3. Because presentation matters. Wrapping is the first impression of any gift. And if every gift is meant to make someone feel
    special, why not go for it?!

We couldn’t agree more :)

Craftistas asked Carol to put her creativity to work by challenging her to use cotton lace for a custom gift wrap project. The result? See for yourself!

Want to create fabulous gift wrap like Carol? Here are five tips from the Prezzie Guru!

  1. Think of giftwrapping like putting together an outfit, and build a nice wardrobe. Stock your shop with neutral solid colors, accent colors, patterns, and cute accessories.
  2. Use regular tape and double-sided tape (or glue dots). Use regular tape in hidden areas. Use double sided tape or glue dots in visible places. You’ll save money and the prezzies will look great.
  3. Go for contrast. Shiny with matte, bright with muted, edgy with dainty. It’s an easy way to make the design more interesting. The stronger the contrast, the more interesting!
  4. Experiment with color. You don’t have to stick with typical holiday hues – as long as it’s luxurious and dramatic, it says “holiday”.
  5. Go overboard. You can’t really overdo it, so splurge and create something super-special. :)

Thank you Carol for such great advice on holiday gift wrap. Don’t forget to visit her site for more prezzie inspiration!