November Kit: Ombre Unwrapped

Happy November Craftistas! By now, we hope you’ve received your kit and are as excited to complete it as we were to send it!

The contents of the November kit were inspired by the Ombre dye trend. Ombre is a dyeing technique where the dye’s transition from light to dark. This trend has infiltrated multiple aspects of both beauty and fashion. For example, we’ve seen ombre nails, hair, eyeshadow, backbacks, shoes, clothing, and so much more! The Craftistas team wanted to deliver something for November that was functional, stylish, and of course, crafty! Since November weather usually takes a turn toward the colder side, we figured a scarf was the best way to accomplish our goal. Thus, the DIY Ombre Scarf! You can find the step by step tutorial here.

If you didn’t get a chance to sign up for November and you’d  like to order an Ombre Circle Scarf Kit, just let us know!

In order to deliver this technique, we searched high and low for the highest quality dyes. That’s when we met Dharma Trading Company. Yes, you can use RIT or some other dye from the craft store, but Dharma offers the highest quality handmade dyes. We think you deserve quality, so we went with Dharma. Better yet, you can find more dyes and techniques over at Dharma…they’re experts!

We truly hope you enjoyed your November kit.  Now that you’re an Ombre expert, don’t be afraid to try other Ombre techniques! Visit our Ombre Pinterest board for inspiration.

Craft on!