Homemade Halloween costumes roundup

It’s the time of the year again. The clock is ticking and we have 2 weeks left to find the answer to the important question of the month: “What are you going to be for Halloween?”

Here in Craftistas, Halloween is our favorite holiday. Seriously, when else can you be whoever you want to be. You can be scary, you can be funny. You can be quirky, you can be sophisticated. The possibilities are endless.

We has been around the web, looking, searching for easy peasy DIY costume ideas for you to flaunt your inner crafty and spooky self for less. Ditch the generic store bought costumes and roll up your sleeves with us. Are you ready to be inspired? Get. Set. Go!

1- Paper Doll

Okey, you don’t just have to be scary and spooky on Halloween. You can always be cute and frilly and unleash the little girl inside of you. L’Inconnue de Indochine said she spent less than $5 on this costume and you probably will, too. Cardboard comes in all sizes so you’ll always fit in. What’s more? This costume will probably earn you plenty of attention and nostalgic look in the Halloween party. Truly a conversational piece!

If you have doubt of your designing skill, have no fear, Family Fun provided free templates and diagrams of paper doll costume for you to speed up the process.

2, Crazy Mustaches

Mustaches are so in! You can get the pdf pattern for this incredible Operation Incognito kits from mmmcrafts. A few pieces of felt, a few pieces of faux fur, an elastic band and a few stitches and voila, you are a new person. It’s even simple enough to draw it yourself. Keep a few of these in your pocket and you can change into different characters throughout the night. How fun!

3, Felt superhero masks and princess crown

Oh the thing you can do with felt! Cutesy Craft gave you the template for free so it’s even easier and less expensive! Also let’s admit, superheroes and princesses for Halloween can never go out of style!

4, Bat headband 

Martha Steward provided of free template sheet of every scary animal you need for Halloween, including the bats that made this whimsical headband. Go to Fionnuala Barrett‘s page for a more detailed picture tutorial of this project

5, Chic masquerade mask

This one is super easy and super chic! Sprinkle in Springs Gave you the template and the tutorial so you can make one for yourself in probably 20 mins.

At Craftistas this week, we are also planning on an office revamp for the holiday! Check back later this week to see some of our DIY fall decoration ideas! In the mean time, enjoy the foliage and get crafty :-)