Coffee Talk with Momma Rake’s Marissa Rehkopf: Crafting, Cooking & Family Bonding

Marissa Rehkopf

Hi guys, and welcome to our first interview for Craftistas’ Coffee Talk! In this section, we aim to shine the spotlight on crafty women that we look up to in the blogosphere.

Today’s special guest is not only a crafter, but a cook, and she puts both to the judging and experimenting of her readers on her popular blog, Momma Rake. But that’s not all! Momma Rake is also an avid user of Etsy, where her crafting creations have been put to sale.

So who’s Momma Rake? Meet Marissa Rehkopf, who began blogging to share her life experiences and the ideas that would blossom along the way as a Mom to two young girls and a wife to the love of her life.

I got a chance to talk with Marissa, where she told me about her jumpstart into crafting, how her family feels about her crafty creativity, her preference for being in the kitchen versus the craft corner, and so much more. Visit Marissa’s blog and find out how you can stay connected with what this blogger has up her crafting and culinary sleeves!

What inspired you to get into crafting, and when did you start?

Marissa Rehkopf: After I quit my full time job and my husband and I decided the best thing for our family would be for me to stay at home and raise our children, our budget took a huge hit. We had a new house that we were still working on renovating and decorating and no room in the budget. I stumbled upon the wonderful world of DIY and crafting as a way to decorate my home and still keep with in our budget. Why buy something at the store that you can make for a ton less!

How do you draw inspiration for what you’re going to make?

Marissa Rehkopf: I always try to add my own unique style to any project I create, but I would say I draw from items or ideas I have seen first. ________________________________________________________________________

“Sometimes it is as simple as walking through one of my favorite home décor stores, seeing something I love, and trying to figure out how I can create something similar using my own style. I also am a huge Pinterest fan and have found so many great ideas!”


Do you have space set aside in your house just to craft?

Marissa Rehkopf: My hubby has graciously allotted me a section in our garage to store my many boxes and bins full of crafting materials. I don’t have a “set” area in our home that I use for crafting. I usually try to craft when my kiddos are asleep so I can take over the counter or kitchen table. I have also been known to set up shop in front of the TV. Sometimes a girl needs some entertainment while she crafts!!

What has been the most challenging craft to make so far? How long did it take you?

Marissa Rehkopf: I re-purposed a huge cork board by creating hundreds of paper flowers out of old book pages. It took me hours and hours to make all of the flours and hot glue them around the edges of the board but the finished product was fab and was well worth it!!

What has been your most popular craft?

Marissa Rehkopf: My most viewed post on my blog is my DIY upholstered box spring. We had a boring bed in our guest room that needed some sprucing up and since I am not a huge fan of bed skirts, I went on the hunt for a simple and sleek solution. I found what I thought was the perfect solution, only I lacked the skill needed to complete the project. My version had a similar end result but a completely different method of getting there and it turned out great.

Marissa Rehkopf’s most popular DIY: Upholstered Box Spring!

Where do you primarily buy your craft materials? Do you have any favorite materials to work with?

Marissa Rehkopf: I buy my materials wherever I can! I don’t live very close to any major craft stores so I prefer to order my supplies online if possible. Etsy had some fabulous supplies and they usually arrive at my door pretty quickly!

I noticed on the Shop & Sold Shop sections of your website that you’re on Etsy! Can you tell me more about how you got into that and how you like it?

Marissa Rehkopf: I started my little shop as a hobby because I loved creating one of a kind hair accessories for my girls. I had no intentions of making a profit and promised my hubby and myself that as soon as my “hobby” got in the way of my life that I would close up shop. As life got busy and my Etsy shop started to grow, I noticed how much time and stress was going into my shop and I immediately knew I needed to draw the line. I still make headbands for friends and family for fun, but I don’t plan on re-opening my shop any time soon.

Marissa is known for her beautifully designed hair accessories for girls

You also have a section on your website called Recipes, with some mouthwatering meals (Penne with Roasted Asparagus, Balsamic, Brown Butter, and Walnuts, Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins, etc). What do you find more challenging—crafting or cooking? 

Marissa Rehkopf: I think cooking comes more naturally to me then crafting. I find it easier to be creative in my culinary endeavors then crafting. To me, a meal does not necessarily have to “look” beautiful to be delicious (although it sure helps!!). In crafting, a project has to both look appealing AND maintain a function (although this is not always the case). For example, when creating my pom pom lamp I had to make sure it not only looked great in my girls room, but that the light could be seen through the shade and that it still functioned as a light!

AND she’s a mastermind in the kitchen!

So you’re not only a crafter and chef extraordinaire, but a Mom and wife as well. Does crafting become a family affair? Can you see your girls as one day carrying on your crafting legacy?

Marissa Rehkopf: My girls LOVE to craft and be creative! They jump on any opportunity they have to create something unique. They can sit for hours constructing a project and then deconstructing it and starting all over again!

And lastly…the “go to” creation—if you could drop everything you’re doing right now to craft, what would you make, and why?

Marissa Rehkopf: I have been wanting to take a boring pair of flats that I have and put some studs on them and make them funky. I love taking something I don’t wear anymore and completely changing the look of it and making it into something I wear all the time!