Craftistas’ essential tool kit

To all the beginning Craftistas out there, I put together this minimal list of the most essential craft tools for you to endeavor on your crafting adventure.

Granted, different kinds of crafts require different sets of tools. From my personal crafting experience, the tools listed below are those that I use the most, regardless of what I work on.

1-      Cutting mat: It wasn’t until I destroyed my desktop with a million ugly cuts, scratches and stains that I bought my first cutting mat (boy, how it’s changed my life). Especially if you have limited space in your house for crafting, the mat can transform any surface into an instant crafty nook and make cleaning up a breeze. No more scratches and stains on your desk or cutting through old magazines! And as an added bonus, most cutting mats can double as a ruler as well.

2-      Mod Podge: There are websites and blogs like this one devoted exclusively to crafts made with Mod Podge. That alone tells you the exceptionally wide possibility of things you can do with a bottle of Mod Podge. It is a sealer, glue and finish and it can be used on almost any surface. Even when doing beading, I like to use a dab of Mod Podge to secure knots or keep embroidery threads from fraying.

3-      Scissors: It’s always good to have more than 2 pairs around. Have at least one for cutting fabric and one for cutting paper so that you can keep them sharp longer.

4-      Knife: I used to be cheap and have only one knife to cut everything, from paper to wood. Probably not a good idea. Invest in a good craft knife will help you avoid a frustrating crafting experience.

5-      Sharpie: Let’s admit, a bundle of colorful Sharpie and a white surface is one of the easiest thing to lite up your mood. If you do not trust yourself with brushes or spray paint, sharpies can help you decorate just about anything. Now they come in almost every color, including these snazzy golden and silver ones.

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What about the experienced Craftistas out there? What are the essential in your tool box?