Studded Collar

Hey crafty people! I don’t know about you, but I’ve been seeing collars all over the place on personal style blogs. Menswear style lay down collars are just as cool as this season’s trendy Peter Pan collar. They can be used like a necklace! Here’s an easy and quick tutorial for how to make a plain collar more interesting.

This project is a result of something that went three different ways. The fabric I’m using used to be an orange-pinkish men’s shirt. I had intended to make it into a skirt, but it turned out as a hideous potato sack looking thing. It was not cute. At. All. So I made it into an apron instead (but that’s another story). I cut the top collar off with the intention of making it a plain neck piece. Simply cut the collar off of a shirt of your choosing, just make sure you get rid of all the stray fibers.

The color wasn’t too great for a standout necklace, so I dyed it black with some RIT dye. It ended up turning dark charcoal grey and the stitching turned a lighter shade of grey. I’m okay with that color combo.

My favorite embellishments of choice are studs. I will stud absolutely anything. These are English 77s from studsandspikes, a great webstore full of different types of studs. Fast shipping, too!

The material is stiff doubled cotton so I had to slice holes to stick the studs through. Push the pointy parts of the stud into the fabric so that they leave an indentation, then take a razor blade and poke the end through the fabric just enough to cut a few fibers. Bend the stud anchors in until they’re flat. I intended on going stud-happy like I usually do, but in the end, I actually reined it in. Only four per side.

What should you wear this with? I usually pair it with any graphic t-shirt, like my favorite yellow tee from LA Pride Clothing. I’ve also worn it with a plain black v-neck sweater. Have fun!