DIY Knot Bracelet

I am so ready for spring!! One of the most obvious spring trends that I keep seeing pop up is COLOR! Unfortunately for me my wardrobe consists of a ton of beige, white, and black. I guess it is time to step up my game??
A few days ago I was organizing my art supplies and opened up a draw in my craft dresser to find two spools of hemp next to each other, a bright turquoise and a mustard yellow. I LOVED the color combo and knew I wanted to make some sort of funky jewelry with them. Here is what I came up with:
I made these two separate bracelets two different ways. You can decide which method you prefer. Hang with me as I totally made these steps up and I am not too awesome at documenting with photos!
For both bracelets you will need:
Hemp Twine
Large Pearls
Hot Glue
Turquoise Bracelet: 
1. I started out by cutting my strips of hemp. I originally cut six strips but ended up using only four. Make sure you cut them plenty long because you will need some extra to finish them off. I cut mine 18 inches long.
2.Start out by tying  a knot in the twine about four inches from the end.
3. Slip on the pearl.
4. Tie a knot on the other side of the pearl.
5. Repeat down the strip of twine. I put four pearls on each strand. Make sure you leave room on both ends of the twine to tie it off.
6. Take the strands and wrap them around your wrist for size. Cut THREE of the strands on one side leaving one long strand.
7. Take the long strand and make a loop JUST big enough for one of the big pearls to fit through. Leave the long strand pointing down.
8. I secured my strands and loop with a bit of hot glue so it didn’t move around.
9. Take a small strip of twine and make a tight know at the base of your loop.
10. Wrap the remainder of the twine around all strands and pull tight to secure.
11. Tie a knot at the bottom (TIGHTLY) to secure and trim off the extra twine.
Your bracelet should look something like this. (Terrible picture!)
12. To secure the other side of the bracelet. Tie a knot at the end of one strand, slide on a pearl, and tie on the end (TIGHT KNOT). Cut off the remainder of the twine. Cut the remaining three strands to come right under the pearl.
13. Dab the ends with hot clue and pinch to secure if necessary.
14. Like above, cut another strand of twine and tie a tight knot right underneath the pearl, making sure all strand are tightly secured by the knot.
15. Wrap around the strands and finish with another tight knot. Cut of extra twine at the knot.
And there you have it. It sounds like a lot of steps but it seriously took me all of about 7 minutes to make.
Yellow Bracelet:
This bracelet was a bit easier to make but took a little bit longer because I put the pearls a bit closer together so there were many more pearls and knots then the turquoise bracelet..
Cut one LONG piece of hemp. I think I cut mine around 60 inches or so.
1. Repeat steps 6-11 above, only with one strand obviously.

For this bracelet I tied a knot, slipped on a pearl, tied another knot, slipped on another pearl and so forth. Continue the process until the bracelet is the length you want. I made mine long enough to wrap around my wrist three times. To finish this bad boy I made sure the last knot on the bracelet was nice and tight and then  clipped off the extra twine after the last knot. EASY!This yellow bracelet also doubles as a necklace. Ya buddy.

I really love the way these came out. It is the perfect pop of color!They would also make a really sweet handmade gift!!

Much love and Blessings!!