Cross Stitch Lyric Pillow

Cross stitching isn’t just for Grandma anymore! I received this cross stitched pillow from my friend Jessica (visit her tumblr here) the last time I was home, hence the meaning of these stitched lyrics.

This is a great present for a homesick friend at college and an easy project! Of course, you’re not limited to using these lyrics (she used “Home” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros), but make sure that the amount of text you’re going to use will fit on the area of your pillow.

First, stitch your words onto a square of aida cloth, which is commonly used for cross stitching because of its even-weave texture. You can find cross stitch alphabets and border patterns on a variety of websites, like

Chose your favorite pattern for the backside of the pillow, making sure that the threat you used for stitching your letters matches. She used a nautical boat print and matched navy blue thread for the cross stitched text.

Sew your pillow outside-in in a complete square, leaving a few inches unsewn. Turn your pillow inside out and stuff with polyfill pillow stuffing to desired thickness.  Hand stitch the remaining opening.

Have fun with this personalized project!