DIY Chevron Wall Art

I have a slight obsession with Chevron.
When I came across THIS free template from Sunset magazine I had a vision:


I am LOVING the way it turned out and it brightens up one of our guest rooms perfectly!!
See those three canvases on the left? I upcycled those for this project. I also did those (SUPER easy!). I just used some painters tape and taped off a simple design and painted them brown.
But those three canvases didnt quite fit in in our new home so I painted them white and reused them!
I used a couple of coats of acrylic white paint and it covered everything completely.
I printed out the template (just the one thick zig-zag).
I traced it onto some poster board a couple of times in a row so it was long enough to go the length of the canvas. I cut out the thick zig-zag and trimmed it to be the length of my canvas.
Starting at the top, I lined up my zig-zag and made sure the points of the zig zag were line up perfectly and then taped the sides to the canvas to secure it.
Using the painters tape, I traced the template. This was a big time consuming because the corners were tricky but I found if I overlapped the two pieces of tape, I could trim one side and then fold back the other to create a perfect point.
The finished canvases ended up looking like this. I repeated the exact same method on each canvas so the zig zags were uniform.
I made sure all of the tape was pressed down very well and I painted the canvases. Make sure to dab the paint arond the corners where the tape meets because it can peel up and your paint will seem under and ruin the canvas! I used a foam brush and it worked perfectly!
I love that you can see the brush strokes so it actually looks like a painting rather then just a decal or a print.
Much Love and Blessings!!